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EveryBODY is different. Every program should be too! OPEX Portland professional coaches align your goals to your fitness plan, provide real instruction and correction, and develop a personal relationship with you by working with you daily. This is sustainable fitness for long term growth. This is value for your money. This is a true coach.

How our process works...

We provide our members with individually designed programs in a gym environment that allows you to reach your goals and KEEP reaching your goals for the long term.


Every program is based on a thorough movement, strength and work capacity assessment.

Customized programming allows you to progress faster, safer and starts building a foundation for success from day one. Whether you are a busy mom, business professional or an athlete, our professional coaches will meet you where you are at and build a plan designed 100% for you.

We believe that fitness is a lifelong journey, OPEX Portland is committed to your long term success.

What does Individually Designed Fitness mean for you?

  • Create a sustainable fitness practice that works along side your schedule and goals.
  • Reach your goals faster with a targeted program and the accountability of a caring coach.
  • Create lasting change with lifestyle and nutritional support.
  • Workout on a flexible schedule, there are no class or appointment times.

Get Started Today With Your Very Own Individually Designed Fitness Program

With an Individually Designed Fitness program, you will receive your own unique program. Programs depend on your abilities, lifestyle, and personal preferences. We can design a wide range of plans depending on your needs–from the individual that wants to train for 1 hour, 2-3 days per week, to the athlete that wants to train hard, 6 days per week.

If you have any questions about the process or would like to get started today, please fill out the short form on this page or feel free to contact us. We can then move forward in scheduling a consultation with one of our coaches.